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Channel Istanbul Scandal by DHMİ

State Airports Authority (DHMİ), Channel Istanbul project, New Istanbul Airport will change the view of adversely adversely said 'we have given a "water. DHMİ, the new decision on any of the air traffic services of Kanal Istanbul [more…]

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The Istanbul Airport

According to the information in Airporthaber; Landings at Istanbul airport have been canceled due to the wind barrier for some time. Airplanes flying in the air are forced to make a delayed landing. Since its inception, various physical [more…]

Metro operations in the kagithian state ended
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The End of Metro Works in Kağıthane

Kagithane is located in the middle of Istanbul as the location of the new subway lines, while the central district in transportation, Kagithane Mayor Fazli Kilic examined the latest work on the construction of the lines. Kağıthane last 14 year [more…]

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Istanbul Airport Public Transport Tender

The allegation of mischief in the Istanbul New Airport public transportation tender and delivery of the tender to the address was put forward. Özlem GÜVEMLİ'nin SÖZCÜ'den according to the report, the owner of the alleged CHP Member of Parliament Tariq Balyali, 130 bus companies [more…]

iett lines to go to the new airport
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IETT Lines to be Goed to Istanbul New Airport

IETT and Havaist lines that will provide transportation to Istanbul New Airport have been announced. Turkey's giant new airport project in Istanbul's 29 official opening will be held in October. New Airport; Havaist's IST1-İST2-İST7 and İST19 lines and [more…]