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Current Istanbul Metro Maps

With the metro constructions to begin next year, by the end of 2030, Istanbul will have the second longest metro network in the world, after New York, with a line of 776 kilometers. It [more…]

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Added to Yandex Maps in Rail Systems

Added to Yandex maps in rail systems: The Russian-based Yandex company, which has recently become popular in our country with the services it offers, continues to make innovations for its mobile applications. Available on Yandex's iOS platform [more…]

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Istanbul Railway System Investments

Istanbul Rail System Investments: Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Architect Kadir Topbaş said that 3 rail system line and 1 air line will be established in Tuzla within the scope of “Rail System Investments”. According to Mayor Topbaş's statement [more…]

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Anatolian side and metro culture

Anatolian side and underground culture: Despite being one of the first cities in the world with Istanbul metro and tram lines for many years due to the neglect of the rail system in Turkey, especially the metro, many districts of the city [more…]

Istanbul Metro Map 2019
34 Istanbul

Metro Passage in Istanbul

Neighborhoods to Pass the Metro in Istanbul: The lines have been determined, the metro will pass through almost all districts of the city. The projects of some of them have been issued, while the study projects of others are continuing. The aim is to weave iron nets all over Istanbul. [more…]