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Minibuses in action against subway

Minibusers in action against the subway: Esenler-Topkapi minibus line working in the minibus shop in Istanbul Saraçhane'de closed contact in front of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. A significant decrease in the number of passengers after Aksaray-Kirazlı subway and metrobus construction [more…]

34 Istanbul

Erdogan 3. examined bridge construction

Erdoğan examined the construction of the 3rd bridge: Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan examined the construction of the third Bosphorus bridge to be built in Istanbul. After the elections, Prime Minister Erdogan, who has been resting in his residence in Kısıklı since March 31, [more…]

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Pushed button for crazy project!

The button for the crazy project has been pressed! Channel Istanbul and 3. The button was pressed for the new Istanbul to be established in the airport area. Discharges to the mines in the region and expropriation notifications to the villages began to go. 3 to Istanbul. Airport and Black Sea [more…]


Reconstruction Change for Derince Port

Zoning Change for Derince Port: The decisions of the Privatization High Council regarding the zoning plan change for some real estates in the privatization program were published in the Official Gazette. Accordingly, the Board decided to determine the total number of the Derince Port in Kocaeli. [more…]

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What Happens Since 2004

What has been happening in Haydarpasada since 2004 TMMOB Chamber of Architects Istanbul Büyükkent Branch, TMMOB Chamber of City Planners Istanbul Branch and United Transport Workers Union to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; Haydarpasa Train Station, [more…]

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KadıköyEagle Rail Mass Transport System

Undertaken by the partnership including Yüksel İnşaat Kadıköy-Kartal Metro Project has a total length of 8.888 m. Kadıköy The square starts from Rıhtım Caddesi and follows İbrahimağa Caddesi and reaches the E-5 highway in Koşuyolu locality. [more…]