34 Istanbul

Hyundai Rotem to produce the locomotives of IMM

Hyundai Rotem to Produce İBB Locomotives: Hyundai Rotem won the tender for the production of 310 million dollar electric locomotives organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality The rope in the production of electric locomotives organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) [more…]


ESRAY Adopts Innovation Focused Approach

ESRAY Adopts Innovation-Oriented Approach in its Areas of Work: Esray manufactures freight wagons, components and locomotive parts for the rail systems sector and meets the needs of the sectors it works with innovative products. TCDD led by Tülomsaş [more…]

35 Izmir

Izmir tram sign (photo gallery)

İzmir signature on tram: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the construction of tram lines that will start a new era in urban transportation, while tram vehicles within the scope of the project are produced at Hyundai Eurotem facilities in Adapazarı. First in December [more…]


EUROTEM to Sakarya 2. setting up the factory

XTUMX to EUROTEM Sakarya. factory: Hundai EUROTEM Factory General Manager Jeong-Honn Kim, Sakarya will establish the second 2 thousand square meter factory said they are continuing to allocate space for the factory. Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Zeki [more…]

20 Egypt

Hyundai Rotem Trains in Egypt

Hyundai Rotem Trains in Egypt: The first of the trains produced by Hyundai Rotem for the first line of the Cairo metro in Egypt was offered to the citizens. Test trains started in March last month, about a month from the scheduled time [more…]

225 Ivory Coast

Agreement reached for Abidjan subway

An agreement was reached for the Abidjan metro: 6 was signed on July Monday for the first line of the Abidjan metro. The project will be implemented in partnership with French and Korean companies. The percentage share of the partnership is Hyundai Rotem (33%), [more…]

34 Istanbul

440 units of 20 units will be transferred to TCDD.

AYGM Marmaray Project The 440 of the 20 metro vehicles purchased within the scope of the project is related to the “440 metro vehicles ındaki within the scope of the“ Marmaray Project gerçekleştiril realized by the General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments (AYGM) to be transferred to TCDD. [more…]