Saudi Arabia agreed for hyperloop train
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Saudi Arabia Agreed for Hyperloop Train

Saudi Arabia, Hyperloop train tube work began with the priority of Virgin Hyperloop One company. With this system, the train journey will be reduced from 10 hours to 76 minutes. A new generation of Hyperloop trains, suggesting that they are coming from the future with their appearance [more…]

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Hyperloop One Comes to Life in India

Hyperloop One comes to life in India. Virgin Group signed the Hyperloop project that will reduce the 3-hour distance between Mumbai and Pune to 25 minutes. Elon Musk's Hyperloop project will be implemented by Richard Branson. virgin [more…]

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Fear the Air

Let the one who is afraid of the plane get on the train: An important statement will be made on November 8 about the Hyperloop, which is claimed to go faster than the plane, which is launched as a train that goes faster than the plane and intercity transportation [more…]

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Hyperloop One Transport Transportation

Transportation with Hyperloop One Will Jump: One of the most reliable means of transportation, trains can undergo drastic changes for years to come. As it is known, in recent years development for high speed trains, intensive work of engineers [more…]