06 Ankara

Fast Train Winged

High-speed train was winged: THY and TCDD signed a cooperation with YHT personnel to provide passenger training. With the protocol, Turkish Airlines flight miles and high speed train tickets can be purchased. THY [more…]


TCDD - THY Joins Forces

TCDD – THY Joins Forces: In order to increase the service quality of 158-year TCDD and 81-year THY, on Tuesday, April 21, at 10.00:XNUMX, TCDD General Directorate Protocol Entry. [more…]

06 Ankara

Konya and YHT

We thought that he would not go to Konya without informing Mustafa Deresal, and we would ask him for help. Mr. Deresal was interested in his usual kindness and friendliness, [more…]