Intercity Railways

Eastern Black Sea wants exporter rail

Eastern Black Sea exporter wants a railway: DKİB President Gürdoğan, who said that the rate of preference in international trade has decreased due to the lack of railway connection in the Eastern Black Sea ports, said, "There is a railway connection that will reach Batum-Sarp and Hopa Port. [more…]


We are delayed in logistics

We are delaying in logistics: Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union President A. Hamdi Gürdoğan stated that new lines, new facilities and new transfer stations should be built between Russia and Turkish Republics, and the key to economic regional development [more…]

08 Artvin

Artvin's Hopa Port Seeks Railway

Hopa Port of Artvin Wants a Railway: Hopa Port Operations Manager Meriç Burçin Özer stated that HEPP and construction projects in the Eastern Black Sea Region should be evaluated well. Özer stated that trade has shifted to the east in recent years. [more…]