turkey railway history
06 Ankara

1948 - 1957 Turkey Road Program

1948-1957 Nine-Year Road Program has been accepted as a leap point in terms of road construction technology in our country and at the same time, the program has enabled the accumulation of encouraging private sector. The success of the program [more…]

megenliler does not want the upper passage
14 Bolu

Megenli does not want an overpass

Plates Yazıyaka and Türkbeyli Neighborhood connects the point about the construction of the undesirable overpass Mayor Turhan Bulut, with the participation of members of the Municipal Assembly and citizens after Friday prayers [more…]

tcddde number of subcontractor workers increased
06 Ankara

TCDD Increases Number of Subcontracted Workers

Number of Subcontracted Workers Increased in TCDD; Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Turhan announced last year that the number of 2 thousand 800 subcontractors in the Turkish State Economic Enterprises Commission increased this number to 3 thousand 447. [more…]

samsunda green flash application last
55 Samsun

Last Green Flash Application in Samsun

In Samsun, especially on the main street and boulevard intersections, drivers, flashing green flash application on behalf of warning to stop the red light was terminated 'GREEN FLASH' APPLICATION END! Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]

change in motorway and bridge prices
34 Istanbul

Change in Highway and Bridge Prices

Change in Highway and Bridge Prices; With the “dynamic pricing” model prepared by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure to pass on highways and bridges, citizens will use toll roads cheaper in some days and hours. Intensity of demand [more…]