Fair Izmir's road problem does not stop

The road problem of Fair Izmir does not end: The connection roads that will provide transportation to Fair Izmir, built by the Metropolitan, give SOS. Officials of the Regional Directorate of Highways said that there was not enough time for the connection road project. [more…]


No road safety warning

No one pays attention to the warning placed by the Highways: No one pays attention to the warning signs placed by the Regional Directorate of Highways on the South Batman Ring Road. "Spill rubble" in many places along the road route [more…]

02 Adiyaman

On-the-Go Source Endangers Water Drivers

Spring Water on the Road Puts Drivers in Danger: The water source coming out of the middle of the road in the Kahta-Sincik Karayolu Karakuş location of Adıyaman causes icing. An underground spring in the middle of the road in Sincik-Kahta Highway Karakuş locality. [more…]


9 item file to highways

Highways' 9 article file: Mengen Mayor Turhan Bulut, the District Directorate of Highways from the district officials submitted the 9 article file. NEWS CENTER 4 HIGHWAYS. Regional Manager Mustafa Karademir, [more…]


HGS crossing violations suspended

HGS crossing violations has been suspended: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) experienced in the transition HGS has issued circulars on issues. In a circular issued after the meeting between General Directorate of Highways and TSOF, özet [more…]


2015 will be the year of transport

2015 will be the year of transportation: At the Tuesday group meeting, the Regional Directorate of Highways, which made an investment of 2014 million TL in 261, announced that it will accelerate its investments in 2015, bringing together the leading businessmen of the city. [more…]

Asphalt News

Renewed Roads in Ödemiş

Ödemişte Roads are being renewed: Ödemiş Mayor A.Mahmut Badem'in initiatives by the Regional Directorate of Highways after the completion of asphalt work on the main road passing by the municipality with the support of the roadside renewal is done. have paid [more…]

Asphalt News

Between Kars and Arpaçay 10 Day Off Road

10 Day Between Kars-Arpaçay Asphalt Road Breaked Down: Kars-Arpaçay highway asphalt, which was tendered by the Regional Directorate of Highways in Kars and whose works could not be completed, was completed and 12-15 opened to traffic the day before. [more…]