06 Ankara

Macedonian Prime Minister Preferred YHTyi

Macedonian Prime Minister Prefers YHT: Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski traveled to Ankara by High Speed ​​Train after attending the Turkey Macedonia business and investment forum held in Eskişehir. Macedonian Prime Minister at Ankara Station TCDD [more…]

06 Ankara

Selection Density at High Speed ​​Trains

Election Density in High Speed ​​​​Trains: Voters who want to vote in the presidential election where they are registered preferred the High Speed ​​​​Train - Eskişehir Station Manager Özer: “We have many passengers coming and going for the election. Location [more…]

Intercity Railways

National Train to be Tested in Eskisehir

National Train to be Tested in Eskişehir: It was stated that with the "National Rail Systems Research and Test Center (URAYSİM)" to be established in Eskişehir, the test and certification processes of the national train, which is planned to be on the rails in 2018, will be carried out. URAYSIM [more…]


Fast train impressions

High-speed train impressions: When I had to go to Ankara for a mission trip at the end of September, I changed the normal route and went to Ankara via Eskişehir. Naturally, my main goal is not to see Eskişehir ( Really worth seeing [more…]