medina train station
966 Saudi Arabia

Medina Train Station

20 to the construction. Medina Train Station, which was the last stop of Hicaz Railway which started in the 16th century, was built by Sultan II. It is one of the monuments built by Abdülhamit in Medina. Despite all obstacles, the 6 thousand kilometers of rails are Muslim [more…]

tika has a common heirloom in the middle
962 Jordan

Tika Holds Up an Ecdat Relic in the Middle East

Within the scope of the project carried out by the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TIKA) at the Amman station of the Hejaz Railway, one of the most important projects of the 2nd Abdulhamid period, the construction of the museum, which will tell the history of the historical railway, and the 3 historical sites at the station. [more…]

Railways from Ottoman to Present
39 Kırklareli

Railways from Ottoman to Present

Despite the economic difficulties of the successive wars, the Ottoman Empire gave importance to railway projects. Projects such as Marmaray were even pronounced for the first time in this period. Continued in the early years of the Republic [more…]

06 Ankara

Iron nets are the locomotive of development

The history of the rail system in Anatolian geography started with the build-operate model of the Ottoman Empire and operated by capital owners and started with some privileges in this enterprise… The first railway built within our borders, 23 September 1856 [more…]

961 Lebanon

The Hijaz Railway's Beirut stop

Beirut stop of the Hejaz Railway: A conference and exhibition on the history of railways was held in Lebanon. In the event where the current status of the stations were discussed, the exhibition called Beirut Station of the Hejaz Railway attracted great attention. [more…]

hicaz rail
962 Jordan

Turkey Takes Action for the Hejaz Railway

The last major project of the Ottoman Empire, the Hejaz Railway, is being restored with the support of Turkey. The Hejaz Railway, which was built by Abdülhamid Han between 1900 and 1908 between Damascus and Medina, aiming to shorten the path of pilgrims, is one of the most important parts of Turkey. [more…]

962 Jordan

Restoration of the Hejaz Railway

Restoration of Hejaz Railway: Jordan Hejaz Railway General Manager Luzi:- “Hijaz is the oldest railway in the Middle East. It is still used. The expeditions to Syria were stopped due to recent events”- Signed with Turkey [more…]

962 Jordan

Restoring Amman Train Station

Amman Railway Station is being restored: TIKA in Jordan II. Hejaz Railway, one of the most important projects of Abdulhamid Khan period, will restore Amman Train Station and turn it into a museum. IIA by İKA. Abdulhamid Khan [more…]

hicaz rail
967 Yemen

About Hejaz Railway

The Ottoman Empire was very sensitive about the adaptation of modern technology to the country. For example, it is seen that communication technology such as the telegraph was transferred to the Ottoman country shortly after it started to be used in the West. Telegraph in 1832 to the west, [more…]