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TCDD Technical Trip to Hasanbey Logistics Center

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Afyonkarahisar 7th Regional Directorate, for the Optimum settlement planning of the Logistics Center for İscehisar Mermerciler Specialized OIZ, technical assistance has been sent to the TCDD Hasanbey Logistics Center. [more…]

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TCDD Logistics Centers

TCDD Logistics Centers: Logistics centers are being established in order to develop transportation routes in combined transportation and to establish effective connections between transportation modes, storage, maintenance-repair, loading-unloading and handling activities more economically. [more…]

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Female mechanic working in Hasanbey Logistics Center

Female mechanics working at Hasanbey Logistics Center: Female machinists working at Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center want to use all the machines they have received their badges from. As for the difficulties of the profession, they say, “This is the base of the job”… Eskişehir Hasanbey [more…]

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Women Machinists of Railways

In Eskişehir, 8 female mechanics working within TCDD are appreciated for their performance in their jobs, known as the male profession. Female machinists working at Hasanbey Logistics Center are able to travel between cities as well as maneuvers in the city. [more…]

National electric locomotive E1000

National Electric Locomotive E1000 Rails Down

National electric locomotive E1000 landed on the rails: The national electric locomotive E1000, which will make Turkey one of the world authorities in the domestic vehicle industry, landed on the rails with a ceremony held in Eskişehir on 8 October 2015. all [more…]


Hasanbey was the Pilot of Logistics Centers Research

Logistics Centers of Research Pilot Had Hasanbey: by UTIKAD to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, prepared in collaboration with research at the stage of completion for logistics centers in Turkey. Research Group Cooperation with Eskişehir Governorship [more…]


Hasanbey Logistics Center Opened

Hasanbey Logistics Center Opened: Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center opened Minister of National Education Nabi Avcı, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan, TCDD General Manager Süleyman Karaman and Eskişehir Governor Güngör [more…]


Hasanbey Logistics Center Will Open On March 19

Hasanbey Logistics Center to Open on March 19: TCDD General Directorate announced that Eskişehir Hasanbey Logistics Center will open on March 19 with the participation of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan. Written form from the General Directorate of TCDD [more…]

Hasanbey Logistics Center

Eskisehir Hasanbey Logistics Center

Governor Güngör Azim Tuna, Eskişehir Deputy Ülker Can and Deputy Governor Ömer Faruk Günay stated that the direct transportation of the goods in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone by railway connection, the import and export transportation of the region. [more…]