Dilovasi is preparing the West Asian Emergency
41 Kocaeli

Dilovası West Junction Preparing for Opening

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carried out arrangements at the West Junction to ease the entrances and exits to Dilovası city center. Within the framework of the works, additional arms and bridges were formed at the intersection and connections were made. Within the project [more…]

dilovasina entry exit will relax
41 Kocaeli

Entrance and exit to Dilovası will be relieved

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Dilovası city center in order to relieve the entry and exit is carrying out work on the Western Junction. Additional arms and bridges will be formed at the intersection within the framework of the works and connections will be provided. Project within the scope of ongoing works [more…]


Transportation at Dilovası West Junction

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, Dilovası city center is making arrangements at the west junction to relieve the exits. Additional arms and bridges are formed at the intersection and connections are provided. Bridge work in the ongoing project [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul New Airport 26

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, made observations on the North Marmara Motorway, which is under construction. As a result of efforts to facilitate access to the new airport, there will be a total of 26 lane roads around the airport. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Mayor Topbaş Discussed Istanbul's Snow Test

Mayor Topbaş Told Istanbul's Snow Test: Mayor Topbaş gave information to the members of AKOM about the snow-fighting activities in Istanbul and stated that the main roads are open throughout the city and that the citizens of Istanbul use snow tires. [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Bridge giant ready for landing

The bridge is ready for the grand opening: Final preparations for the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which will be opened on Friday, are being completed. Lighting and lighting operations were also carried out on the bridge, where the direction signs were hung, on August 26 at 16.00. [more…]


The D-130 highway connects the TEM motorway

D-130 highway and TEM highway will be connected to each other: Minister of Transport Lütfü Elvan, information about road works in the presentation speech of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the Planning and Budget Committee of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for 2015. [more…]


Situation on highways

Attention: Drivers must pay attention to traffic signs and markers due to the construction and maintenance works on some parts of the highways. The situation on the highways The daily road situation of the General Directorate of Highways [more…]


Binali Yildirim went, transport collapsed

Binali Yıldırım is gone, transportation collapsed: The road between Gebze and Izmit will be closed for 81 days, giving citizens a hard time. Due to the maintenance work carried out between Gebze Junction and Izmit East Junction at TEM, vehicles [more…]