34 Istanbul

Women wants pink metrobus!

Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Branch, after the allegations of harassment metrobüslerin an offer to disturb secularist bigot came. In 2012, 60 collects a thousand signatures and wishes 'Pink Metrobus'. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Felicity Party Reiterates Pink Metrobus Demand

Felicity Party Pink Metrobus Demand Reiterated: Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Women's Branch, women-specific metrobuses until the flights began to insistently continue to deliver the demands of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality reported. Provincial Women's Arms [more…]


Pink tram response ended the campaign

Pink tram response ended the campaign: The SAADET Party (SP) from the Kayseri Provincial Presidency, the signature campaign that was launched to add special pink wagons to women on existing trams and stated that the 5 would take days [more…]

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Male Interest in the Pink Tram

Male Interest in Pink Tram: SP Provincial Organization members launched a petition 'We want a pink tram for women's use' in Cumhuriyet Square. It was surprising that more men than women showed interest in this campaign.5 [more…]

34 Istanbul

'Pink Metrobus' cure to your scream

'Pink Metrobus' remedy for the cry of roll up your legs: A campaign was launched on social media with the names 'do not occupy my place' and 'gather your legs'. While the screams of women, who are uncomfortable with the way men sit in public transport, increase, [more…]


Is there anyone in Marmaris?

Who knows Marmaray Malatyada: Felicity Party (SP) Malatya Metropolitan Mayor Candidate High Architect Ahmet Münir Erkal, 30 March local election work Erkal, SP Malatya Province President Mehmet [more…]

34 Istanbul

Felicity Party wants pink metrobus (Video)

Felicity Party wants pink metrobus: A video circulating on video sharing sites has brought up the agenda again that Felicity Party wants pink metrobus. An interesting event took place in the metrobus, which is used by tens of thousands of people every day. Another [more…]

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Cable car is not domestic goods

Hüseyin Sarıca, Deputy Chairman of the Felicity Party (SP) District Organization, who reacted to the tender of the Italian company Leitner for the tender of the Cable Car, Escalator and Tape Project, which was rented out by ALANYA Municipality for the 20 year. [more…]

34 Istanbul

60 thousand signatures for pink metrobus gathered

The 60 thousand signatures, which were collected with the request of switching to the 'pink metrobus' application for women, were mailed to the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Topbaş. The "Pink Metrobus" application for the use of women on the metrobus line by the Felicity Party Istanbul Provincial Presidency. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Campaign for Pink Metrobus

Felicity Party launched a petition to support the pink metrobus proposals for women, which it announced earlier. Party members gathered in Şirinevler Square, distributed bureaus to the citizens and asked for support for the petition. Felicity Party Provincial Women [more…]