kktc's domestic automobile promotion office opened

TRNC's Domestic Automobile Promotion Office Opened

The promotion office of GÜNSEL, the domestic and national automobile of our country, which was designed by 109 Turkish engineers and completed the prototype production and introduced with the participation of 20 people on February 3000, was opened in Nicosia Dereboyu. The B9, which came to the production stage, was unveiled and the car [more…]

kktc introduces the domestic car to the sun

TRNC Introduces Its Domestic Car GÜNSEL B9

Cooperation with 20 suppliers from 9 countries for the parts to be used in the production process of "GÜNSEL", which is the domestic and national car of our country and whose prototype production will be completed by Turkish engineers and the first model B28 will be introduced on February 800. [more…]

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