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Delayed Train Neckerchief

A German woman living in Munich recorded every delay in the trains she boarded with the colors of the scarf she knitted. Many of us are no strangers to the hassle of being late for transportation to get from A to B. in Munich, Germany [more…]

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Deutsche Bahn - 1,3 Billion Euro Loss

1,3 billion euro loss from Deutsche Bahn: German railway company Deutsche Bahn (DB) announced a net loss of 1,3 billion euros last year.According to the statement made by Deutsche Bahn, the company lost 2015 billion euros in fiscal 1,3. [more…]

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Mechinists strike affected millions

The strike of the mechanics affected millions: Due to the strike of the machinists in Germany, which will last until Sunday, there are major disruptions in transportation. Two-thirds of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn's (DB) flights have been cancelled. Best in DB history [more…]

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Strike tension increases in Germany

Strike tensions increase in Germany: 17 thousand conductors in Germany, after the 14 hour railway strike by the employee of the wagon restaurant The pilots of German Airlines Lufthansa subsidiary Germanwings today 12.00 [more…]

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UK Sells Eurostar Shares

UK sells Eurostar shares: The UK has found its solution in the fight against the financial crisis by selling its share in the Channel Tunnel. The British government has its own percentage of the railway line that connects France and England from below the English Channel. [more…]

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1 in Germany. Class Train Ride

1 in Germany. Raise Class Train Journey: German rail company Deutsche Bahn announced that the first-class train ride ticket prices will be hike starting next December. German railway company Deutsche Bahn, first [more…]