gaziray underground works started
27 Gaziantep

Gaziray is Underground… Work Has Started

Gaziray is Taken Underground… Work Has Started; The works to take the 5-kilometer line that will pass through the Culture Congress Center-Zeytinli District, Mücahitler-Budak District and the Hospitals-Hotels District have begun. For the solution of the transportation problem in Gaziantep [more…]

urban rail system projects
06 Ankara

Urban Rail System Projects

Urban Rail System Projects; The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has increased its support to local administrations in order to expand the urban rail systems in our country. 2013 in Ankara in the Red Crescent-Çayyolu [more…]

gaziantep gets the gazir
27 Gaziantep

Gaziantep Gaziray - Current Project

Gaziantep Gaziray – Current Project – Gaziantep Meets Gaziray; The construction work of the "Gaziray" project, which will be built in the city with the cooperation of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality and the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), continues rapidly. Many [more…]

gaziantep metro project ready
27 Gaziantep

Gaziray Completed in Percent 99

Work on the metro project, which is planned to be implemented in order to solve the transportation problem, which is one of the biggest problems of Gaziantep, continues. Search for resources for the metro project, which will start from City Hospital and extend to Station Square. [more…]

end of gaziray
27 Gaziantep

Gaziray, End of 2020

The Gaziray Project, which was implemented to solve the transportation problem in Gaziantep, continues to work. In the MedicalPark Hospital region, 5 has been tender for the transportation of the 800 kilometer line from underground, while Gaznay's 2020 [more…]

billions of gaziray galleon
27 Gaziantep

Billion to Gaziray Kalyon ASL

Gaziray is the name of the rail system project that will connect the city center to the suburbs in Gaziantep. Its construction started in the first months of 2017. The project consists of different stages. According to the news of Çiğdem Toker from SÖZCU; “Recently, 4,8 km of this project [more…]

gul in the seat of the patriarchs sat gaziray test surusu began
27 Gaziantep

Test Drives Started in Gaziray

Within the scope of Gaziray Suburban Line Project, which will be implemented by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, test drives started on 5 kilometer Gaziray Line between Seyrantepe-Göllüce-Taşlıca. FIRST TARGET 200 THOUSAND PASSENGERS TRANSPORT Urban traffic [more…]

Sahin Black Train
27 Gaziantep

Şahin: We Converted The Black Train To Gaziray

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said, baştan We have said the song dört We have built the iron nets four times from the homeland yıl for years, we could not even run the land train. We started the Gaziray Suburban Line Project two years ago. [more…]

trial surge starts in Gaziray suburban line
27 Gaziantep

Trials on Gaziray Banliyo Line Begins

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, Turkey was able to implement the most prestigious projects. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, Gaziray Suburban Line Project, which will be implemented within the scope of protocol signed by TCDD, 6 [more…]

the ministry of transport and infrastructure ministries
06 Ankara

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

Speaking at the General Assembly of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey on the budget of the Ministry, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Cahit Turhan said: May God have mercy on the citizens who lost their lives in the tragic train accident in Ankara, condolences to their relatives and the nation, and speedy recovery to the injured. [more…]

hukumet has lost their money
06 Ankara

Government Looks Down Against Metro Coins

The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure is building subway and urban rail transportation systems for many municipalities, particularly Ankara and Istanbul. The government is unable to collect the cost of its investments from local governments. [more…]

Gaziray ends at 2019
Commuter Trains

Gaziray Ends in 2019

Gaziray will provide suburban service to Gaziantep in the comfort of metro. 100 thousand pounds a day to move the 1.1 billion pounds Gaziray project is planned to move some stations came to the end stage. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality's city [more…]


Panorama of 4 Years with President Şahin

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin identified the main problems of the city and 4 produced permanent solutions throughout the year. Sahin, who survived the class with the slogan imiz Gaziantep is Our Work Force ”on the road he started with Aşk The Love of Gaziantep,, [more…]


Gaziantep residents are satisfied with the Cemetery Crossroads

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which completed the Cemetery Junction Bridge expansion works and opened it to traffic before the Eid al-Adha, expressed the satisfaction of the citizens. kazandı provided the traffic flow on the D-400-İpekyolu. The architect of change and transformation with the important decisions he took in transportation. [more…]

Commuter Trains

Gaziray Project Will Add Vision to City Vision

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin projects implemented in the field of transportation during the period, will add vision to the city's vision. Şahin, 4 with the slogan imiz Our Power of Work Gaziantep yolunda on the way to service with güçlü Gaziantep Love “with its strong team established. [more…]