The Spirit Of Canakkale

Vehbi Dinçerler Science High School students reminded the passengers of the spirit of Çanakkale on the 18rd anniversary of the 103 March Çanakkale Victory. Between Gaziantep University stop and the train station [more…]


Unification of Tramways Increases Passenger Capacity

Increasing the stops and increasing the wagons in the trams operated by Gaziulaş, a subsidiary of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, increased the passenger capacity. The capacity of the vehicles running in the rail system as a result of making them operable and extending the stops. [more…]


Transportation Relaxation Works in Gaziantep

Efforts to Relieve Transportation in Gaziantep: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide comfortable and high quality transportation solutions to citizens in urban transportation. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, to meet the increasing passenger demands, capacity and passengers to increase [more…]


Technology will remove vision barrier

Technology will remove the visual disability: The technology that visually impaired people can travel by bus and shopping center without the need for assistance was introduced. Turkcell and Gaziantep Municipality signed a joint project and the visually impaired need help. [more…]


Gaziantepe metro project

Gaziantepe metro project: Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, said they want to bring the subway to Gaziantep. Şahin said, iz We have this project in the Transportation Master Plan. In the long run, we must bring the metro to this city ”. Gaziantep [more…]


The Commissar of Tram to Gaziantep Muhtarlara

Tram Annunciation for Mukhtars of Gaziantep: Tram good news for mukhtars An important issue for mukhtars came to the agenda in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Council An important issue for mukhtars came to the agenda in Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Council. It [more…]


Accidental Damaged Sheet Damages Trolley

The Overturned Plate Damaged the Tram: In Gaziantep, the light commercial vehicle whose driver lost control of the steering crashed into the roadside traffic jam. The plate falling on the tram rails caused the tram in motion to malfunction. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Prohibited in Free Gaziantep in Istanbul

Free in Istanbul Forbidden in Gaziantep There seems to be no one who doesn't know the cuteness of the nostalgic train on Istiklal Street in Istanbul… Especially tourists almost compete with each other to have their photos taken while the train is passing. Vatman must be used to it, too. [more…]


Motorcycle in Gaziantep

Motorcycles Under Tram in Gaziantep In Gaziantep, a motorcyclist trying to cross the pedestrian crossing on the tram line caused an accident. According to the information obtained, the incident occurred on Zübeyde Hanım Boulevard. From here [more…]