The last point reached in the gaziray project
27 Gaziantep

The Last Point in GAZIRAY Project

The digital and technological service network launched by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality to ensure that the Gazi city has an infrastructure in line with the requirements of the age, the press called “Transportation and Citizen-Oriented Smart Cities Applications” [more…]

gaziantep metro project ready
27 Gaziantep

Gaziray Completed in Percent 99

Work on the metro project, which is planned to be implemented in order to solve the transportation problem, which is one of the biggest problems of Gaziantep, continues. Search for resources for the metro project, which will start from City Hospital and extend to Station Square. [more…]

gul in the seat of the patriarchs sat gaziray test surusu began
27 Gaziantep

Test Drives Started in Gaziray

Within the scope of Gaziray Suburban Line Project, which will be implemented by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, test drives started on 5 kilometer Gaziray Line between Seyrantepe-Göllüce-Taşlıca. FIRST TARGET 200 THOUSAND PASSENGERS TRANSPORT Urban traffic [more…]

Sahin Black Train
27 Gaziantep

Şahin: We Converted The Black Train To Gaziray

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin said, baştan We have said the song dört We have built the iron nets four times from the homeland yıl for years, we could not even run the land train. We started the Gaziray Suburban Line Project two years ago. [more…]

gaziantep will render ataga in rail system projects
27 Gaziantep

Gaziantep to Pass on Rail System Projects

Presidential alliance candidate for the Metropolitan Mayor of Gaziantep Fatma Sahin, told the metro destinations set for the new period. Şahin, “Final Design Services for Gar-Düztepe-Hospital Light Rail System (Metro) Line” and “Gar-GAÜN [more…]

the subway project has a subway project
27 Gaziantep

Ms. Sahin has a Metro Project

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Sahin, 31 March local elections, said they would do if elected. Şahin declared the election declaration and said, etmek To continue to make Antep a city that suits the memory of our grandfathers and martyrs. [more…]


Works Started for Metro in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin, the promises of the subway construction, which is among the promises of the first work began. The first drilling operation was started in the regions on the subway construction route. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning [more…]

Commuter Trains

GAZİRAY Relieve Traffic

Gaziantep Mayor Fatma Şahin informed the public about the 3,5 annual activities, explained the details of high prestigious projects, as well as historical, cultural and social investments as well as projects that are closely related to the future of the city. [more…]


Gaziantep's metro project has been approved

Metro project approved in Gaziantep: The metro project of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented many projects in the Gaziantep transportation master plan, has been approved. Sezer Cihan, Deputy Secretary General of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin and [more…]


Metro operations in Gaziantep accelerated

Gaziantep metropolitan work accelerated: Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, who implemented many projects in Gaziantep transportation master plan, accelerated the works for the construction of metro lines to the city. In this context, contacts in Ankara [more…]


Gaziantepe Metro Construction Released

Approval for Gaziantepe Metro Construction: Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Fatma Şahin told the public bus and minibus owners in Gaziantep about their Transportation Master Plan for the construction of the subway to Gaziantep. [more…]


Head of the Metro has a Metro Project

Mayor Sahin's Target is Metro Project: Gaziantep Metropolitan Mayor Fatma Şahin 2,5 told the projects carried out by Metropolitan Municipality to civil society organizations and chamber representatives during the year. Deputy Chairman [more…]