tramway work started officially
25 Erzurum

Tram Works Officially Started in Erzurum

Drilling is being done for the tram ground test It was published in the Official Gazette, the 890 million TL project of 'Erzurum Light Rail System (Tram) Project has started. According to the news of Sinan AYDIN ​​from Erzurumgünebakış; from 2015 [more…]


Light rail system in Erzurum

Erzurum Light rail system is essential: We believe that light rail system is a very necessary transportation option for Erzurum. We have been expressing this belief persistently for ten years. As the ENER project [more…]


Erzurum - Light Rail System Project

One of the main issues of cities in the process of growth and development is public transport. In all developed cities of the world, this problem has been solved by introducing rail systems. Erzurum is important in terms of urbanization in recent years [more…]