We will resist for Trabzon logistics center

We will resist for the logistics center of Trabzon: MHP Trabzon Deputy and former Minister Koray Aydın, made a harsh statement about the shift of logistics center to İyidere. Aydın emphasized that the Prime Minister should be told that the choice of place is wrong. [more…]


Trabzon Logistics Center Becomes a Question

Trabzon Logistics Center Becomes a Question Proposal: CUSTOMS and Trade Minister Hayati Yazıcı's presentation of Ovit-based logistics center project and the description of it as the new Silk Road created a debate in Trabzon. CHP Deputy of Trabzon M. [more…]


Fast train arrives in Trabzon Diyarbakir

There is a high speed train between Trabzon and Diyarbakır. The first steps are taken to connect the Black Sea to the East by train. Minister Erdogan Bayraktar Trabzon-Diyarbakir gave the good news that a high-speed train. speed train network expansion in Turkey [more…]