green osb road map completed
06 Ankara

'Green OSB' Road Map Completed

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank, "Promoting Green OSB, we launched the Framework for Turkey Project. Action plans were prepared for pilot OIZs. In addition, as a complementary document of the first stage, [more…]


Turkey Prepares for the Noise Map

Turkey Prepares for the Noise Map: For the preparation of action plans and identifying sources of noise in the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization 10 5 pilot provinces and metropolitan cities have launched fieldwork. Experts with a budget of 6 million euros [more…]


Gaziantep's Highways Noise Map Is Released

Gaziantep's Noise Map for the Road: Technical Assistance for the Implementation of the European Union Environmental Noise Directive Gaziantep Gaziantep's Noise for Road ”map will be prepared. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Police Department to discuss the details of the preparation of the map [more…]


Canakkale bridge for the first time in the plan

The Dardanelles Bridge entered the zoning plan for the first time: The Dardanelles Bridge, which has been on the agenda for many years, entered the official documents for the first time. Prepared by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for Balıkesir-Çanakkale and brought to the agenda yesterday [more…]

01 Adana

Highway noise pisses at adbanları

Highway noise infuriates the people of Adana: it is difficult to sell the buildings built on the edge of the highway passing through the city in Adana. While citizens do not show interest in the buildings due to highway noise, the system will prevent the highway noise from the contractors. [more…]

Asphalt News

Urban transformation will interfere in asphalt

Urban transformation will be mixed in the asphalt: 6 will be destroyed within the framework of urban transformation. green brick cement started to be produced from 500 million tons of construction waste to be released from five million residences. Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, construction waste green [more…]