hazardous to izban lifts tag
35 Izmir

Hazardous to IZBAN Elevators Label

A 'red label' was affixed to the elevators of the Izmir Suburban System (İZBAN), which symbolizes that it is dangerous to use because they are not maintained. It is seen that the maintenance to be done in the elevators is delayed by 10 months at some stations. [more…]

basiskele batti output lighting maintenance
41 Kocaeli

Başiskele Battı Output Lighting Maintenance

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Construction Control, except for the maintenance of elevators and escalators in overpasses, pedestrian overpasses in areas under the responsibility of visual illumination breakdown maintenance, repairs, energy lighting and [more…]

btsodan 2 new ur ge project
16 Bursa

2 New UR-GE Project from BTSO

B in Turkey and exchanges between most of UR-D project conducted by the BCCI institutions, 2 scored another signature to the new RI & D Project. With the project prepared for the furniture and elevator sector, BTSO, UR-GE [more…]

exhibition and exhibition 2018 began the asansor symposium
35 Izmir

Elevator Symposium and Exhibition 2018 Started

The Elevator Symposium and Exhibition with the main theme of "Design and technology", organized jointly by the Chamber of Electrical Engineers and Mechanical Engineers of TMMOB, was held at MMO Tepekule Congress and Exhibition Center in İzmir on October 18, 2018. [more…]


Lift on the Railroad Overpass in İzmit

Izmit Cumhuriyet Mahallesi Placed over the railway line for the access of pedestrians in the overpass of the road was installed. New overpass over the railway line for the access of pedestrians in the beach road of İzmit Cumhuriyet Mahallesi [more…]

06 Ankara

Barrier-Free Seizure Operated Metro Elevators

Hürriyet Ankara 'elevator watch' brought to the agenda with the news, the subway of the Ankara Subway Ulus station repaired by the teams connected to the Metropolitan Municipality has become operational. After the work completed the previous day to serve again [more…]

06 Ankara

Seizure Change at Ulus Metro Station

After the arrival of the elevator call initiated by two disabled citizens who want to draw attention to the elevators that are not working in Ulus Station of Ankara Metro, Hürriyet came to the agenda in Ankara, Metropolitan teams intervened in problematic devices. Teams starting to repair elevators, [more…]