Ambulance Intended to use the Tram

He Used the Tram for Ambulance: While the citizen hit by the electric bike in Eskişehir goes to the hospital by tram, the treatment of the driver injured in the accident continues. The accident happened on the tramway on İki Eylül Street in the morning. [more…]

01 Adana

Headphones hit by train listening to music

While listening to music with headphones hit the train: the electric bicycle in Adana on the way to work while listening to music with headphones hit the train crossing the level crossing. He was hospitalized. The incident occurred in the neighborhood of Tahsilli district of Yüreğir [more…]


Description of safety electric bike

Electric bicycle statement from the police: Samsun Police Department made a statement on the subject of electric bicycles. In the written statement, it was stated that “Article 2918 of the Highway Traffic Law No. 3, titled Definitions, dated 12 July 2013 and [more…]


Obligation for Electric Bikes

Document Requirement for Electric Bicycles: Mersin Police Department warned drivers to carry documents, since electric bicycles with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour are classified as motorized bicycles. In a written statement from Mersin Police Department, 2 [more…]


Corumda Motorcycle Inspections

Motorcycle Inspections in Çorum: The increase in traffic accidents of Osmancık District Police Department. It was reported that he accelerated the inspections for motorcycles and electric bicycles. In the statement made by Osmancık District Governor's Office, it was stated that traffic accidents experienced in the district center [more…]


In Eskişehir, Tramway is Punished

Motorcyclists on the Tramway in Eskişehir Penalized: Traffic police fined motorcyclists and electric bicycle drivers, especially on the tramway in Eskişehir. To prevent the accidents that have increased recently on the tramway, and especially [more…]


Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles

Obligation of helmets on electric bicycles: Denizli Police Department, electric bicycle users are obliged to wear helmets, non-compliant drivers will be given an administrative fine of 80 lira reported. Provincial Security Directorate, said in a statement, Highways Traffic [more…]