The ego of the ego is counting days to take the traffic
06 Ankara

EGO's 10 Female Drivers Count Days to Traffic

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to set an example for other municipalities with efforts to increase women's employment. EGO General Directorate, acting upon the order of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş, employs public transportation vehicles [more…]

Steering from ego buses is now in women
06 Ankara

Steering in EGO Buses is Now in Women

EGO General Directorate has increased the number of transportation personnel in order to increase the quality of bus services with the vision of being an institution that brings Ankara residents to life in peace and security. Successful in written and practical exam [more…]

ego buses started to provide full capacity service on all lines
06 Ankara

EGO Buses at Full Capacity Ankara Service

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate made new arrangements in the shuttle hours of public transportation vehicles. While moving to the winter service program on buses, EGO buses started to provide full capacity service on all lines. Metro and [more…]

There are no underground metro services in Istanbul and Ankara
06 Ankara

No Metro Stop in Istanbul and Ankara

Within the scope of the curfew, it was announced that there will be no metro services in Istanbul and Ankara on 11-12 April. In Ankara, EGO buses will serve healthcare workers. Curfew announced by the Ministry of Interior circular [more…]

New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital
06 Ankara

New Measures Taken for Coronary Virus in Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert with all its units within the scope of combating coronavirus. With the instruction of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavas, new precautionary decisions were introduced. Rental fee taken from the businesses owned by the Metropolitan [more…]