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Kanal Istanbul puzzle in Arnavutköy

Canal Istanbul riddle in Arnavutköy: The announcement that the Kanal Istanbul route may change has affected the land prices in Arnavutköy. Although the discussion of various projects increases the prices in Arnavutköy, Istanbul, the announcement that the route of Kanal Istanbul may change has caused confusion in the selection of land in Arnavutköy. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Flood at the Metrobus stop

Metrobus stop human flood: the first day of the week trying to go to the workplace citizens and students who want to go to school met with a bad surprise.Yenibosna Metrobus Stop infuriated citizens in the morning hours. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Riot at the Metrobus stop

Metrobus riot at the stop: At the end of the evening in the evening before the end of the day, citizens who want to go to their homes Zeytinburnu metrobus was trapped on the bridge due to the intensity of the overpass. The event happened in the waters of 19: 00 in the evening. Leaving [more…]

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Metsan Nexus Metro Connection

Metsan Nexus is Close to Everywhere in Istanbul with its Subway Connection: Metsan Nexus Stands Out With Its Location Advantages in Kartal, Istanbul's New Attraction Center Metsan, which will change the face of Kartal with its modern architectural structure when completed [more…]


Sabiha Gokcen International Airport

Sabiha Gökçen Airport connection road flooded: In Pendik, the flood waters caused by the melting of snow and heavy rainfall blocked the Sabiha Gökçen Airport connection road. Departure from Sabiha Gökçen Airport to Pendik direction TEM [more…]

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10 Important Details from Istanbul Metro

10 Important Details from the Istanbul Metro: With the investments made in recent years, the most important vehicle used in public transportation for our big cities has started to be the metro. Especially in Istanbul, rail transportation is developing assertively. [more…]

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Metrobus free to death

Free metrobus to death: Journey to death in the E-5… Passengers crossing the highway instead of the overpass to get on the metrobus for free invites a catastrophic accident. He put himself and the drivers in danger for a few liras. [more…]

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Accident on Metrobus: 1 dead

Accident on the Metrobus road: 1 dead In the traffic accident that occurred in Avcılar, 1 person died. The truck with 5 PY 47 plate, used by Şehmuz Ergün, going from Avcılar to Küçükçekmece on the E-016 highway, is in Şükrübey locality. [more…]

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Metrobus Four Wheeled Mint

Istanbul has a metrobus. The line that some of them couldn't fit into the sky and made a hurry as an election investment u The formation of this line passing through the middle of the main road in Istanbul, bus purchases, putting buses here [more…]

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The Metrobus road is now overthrown

Istanbul Zeytinburnu E-5 roadway, the driver lost control of the road metrobus barriers, then hit the lighting pole. Lighting pole overturned metrobus road. CLICK FOR VIDEOS The event occurred at the time 16.30 queues. Topkapi [more…]