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Number of Air-Conditioning Stops Increases in Diyarbakır

Diyarbakir Metropolitan Municipality continues to place air-conditioned stops at various points in the city in order to prevent citizens from being affected by adverse weather conditions. Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to increase the number of stops on public transportation routes, [more…]


Ministry approval for Diyarbakır Light Rail System

Ministry Approval for Diyarbakir Light Rail System: The Transport Master Plan, which will introduce the light rail system to Diyarbakir, has been approved by the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Under the chairmanship of Diyarbakır Deputy Governor Mustafa Can [more…]


Diyarbakir traffic relieves rail system

Ibrahim Altun, Head of the Department of Transportation of the Metropolitan Municipality, said that the solution to the existing transportation and traffic problem in Diyarbakir was the approval of the Transportation Master Plan which they submitted to the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]


Diyarbakır Logistics Center workshop held

According to the statement made by Karacadağ Development Agency, studies are continuing to evaluate the logistics potential of Diyarbakır, which is the center of transportation and trade. Preparations of the "Diyarbakır Logistics Center Feasibility Report" under the leadership of the agency [more…]