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966 Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian New Locomotives Coming

New Locomotives Coming to Saudi Arabia: The first two of the 8 diesel locomotives ordered by Saudi Arabian railways to the CRRC company were introduced. The locomotives, which were introduced at the Qishuyan factory of the Chinese company CRRC, were launched in August. [more…]

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New Trains of Shenzhen Subway Introduced

New Trains of Shenzhen Subway Introduced: Chinese company CSR Zhuzhou has introduced the trains to be used in Shenzhen subway. 6 11 of the Shenzhen subway of the trains at the presentation in July. line will be used. 2 of trains in publicity [more…]

34 Istanbul

Billions of Dollar Rail Wars

Billions of dollars Ray Wars: 2023 up billions of dollars of investment in the rail system prepared by Turkey, entered the radar of foreigners. However, Turkish producers have no intention of leaving the market to a foreign monopoly. Turkey's RECENTLY period of four [more…]

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China Railroad Railway

China counts on its rail trump card: CNR and CSR, one of China's leading train manufacturers, have merged. The merger, which is of great importance in terms of the financial and investment policies of the Chinese administration, resulted in a highly competitive international [more…]

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From China to Turkey Speed ​​Train Project

High Speed ​​​​Train Project from China to Turkey: The 6 thousand kilometers long high-speed train line, which will start from Xinjiang, China, will extend to Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran and Turkey. The giant project that will reach Europe via Istanbul [more…]