pandemic cleaning from ibb to hospital
34 Istanbul

Pandemic Clearance from IMM to 245 Hospitals

The work of cleaning the gardens and surroundings of the hospitals, which IMM carried out without interruption during the pandemic process, will take 9 days this time. The study, which was started on 19 December as a precaution against the rapidly increasing Covid-12 cases throughout the city, [more…]

T Shirt Coronavirus Awareness Event in Ankara
06 Ankara

T Shirt Coronavirus Awareness Event in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, at 19 points of the Capital, to draw attention to the increasing Covid-5 cases, “Attention Against Coronavirus! Thousands of t-shirts and masks with the words "Mask-Distance-Cleaning" were distributed. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mansur Yavaş also said that the issue [more…]