a thousand masks were distributed in one day
35 Izmir

117 Thousand Masks Distributed in a Day from the Mask

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality's maskematics application made it easy for citizens to access medical masks free of charge. Only on Monday, May 19, 4 thousand 117 masks were distributed from the masks at 330 points. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, initiated on April 17 at two metro stations [more…]

What measures can be taken at home in the fight against coronavirus

5,5 Billion EURO is Collected for Corona Virus Vaccine!

The virtual fundraising conference of the Global Vaccine Alliance, which was established to support the development of vaccines against the corona virus, has started. In addition to the European Union (EU), countries such as the UK, Norway, Canada, Japan and Saudi Arabia will have an effective vaccine against coronavirus. [more…]

mourning corona

First Freedom For Over 65 Years Old

According to President Erdogan's statement made live after the cabinet meeting, the curfew restrictions for the group over 65 are gradually being lifted in the first place. On some days of the week, our citizens over the age of 65 will be able to go out in a limited way. Walking distance [more…]

koronavirusl to fight within the scope of masks million was distributed turkiyede
06 Ankara

55 Million Distributed Context Koronavirüsl Terror Mask in Turkey

Communications Director Fahrettin Altun reported that 55 million masks were sent to pharmacies as part of the fight against coronavirus. Altun, the social media accounts "in Turkey coronavirus" in a statement by the title, they continue to bring foreign nationals to countries at great sacrifice, to be established after the new coronavirus [more…]

Effective fight with coronavirus in workplaces
06 Ankara

Effective Combating Coronavirus at Workplaces

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues to work to ensure a healthy and safe working life during the COVID-19 process. Ministry, which is more than the risk of the outbreak of the sector can be seen from the first moment in Turkey preceded by and guidance to businesses considering differences [more…]

delivery of the infantry rifle delivered
06 Ankara

5.56 Domestic 65.000 Infantry Rifle Delivery

Presidency Defense Industry President Prof. Dr. İsmail Demir shared 5,56 thousand of the 65 millimeter caliber infantry rifles produced and delivered by the Machinery and Chemical Industry Corporation (MKEK), Kalekalıp and Sarsılmaz, in his post on his official social media accounts. [more…]

Great preparation after coronavirus
06 Ankara

Great Preparation After Coronavirus

Turkey's new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) has been an example in the struggle against the world situation. Health infrastructure with confidence that Turkey will be reshaped after the outbreak of making preparations against the world order. Meetings held in Turkey, the weight of agriculture and food safety [more…]

Comprehensive cleaning in ibb-to-street restriction
34 Istanbul

Comprehensive Cleaning in Curfew from IMM

IMM initiated the washing and cleaning procedures of 245 hospitals throughout the city. 739 vehicles and 2360 personnel are employed in the works. Apart from hospitals, an area the size of a total of 232 football fields will be purified against coronavirus. Fighting coronavirus [more…]

internet gift for mobile phone subscribers
06 Ankara

Internet Gift to Mobile Subscribers in Ramadan

Minister Karaismailoğlu made an assessment regarding the decisions taken after the meeting with the general managers of GSM operators via video conference. Stating that the number of mobile subscribers has reached 2020 million as of 81, Karaismailoğlu said, “With the Kovid-19 measures, we have seen that our President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [more…]

disinfected to public transportation vehicles in Antalya
07 Antalya

Buses and Trams Are Regularly Disinfected in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality disinfects public transportation vehicles every day against coronavirus. A team of 170 people is doing detailed cleaning work on transportation vehicles. Free masks continue to be distributed to citizens in public transportation vehicles with hand disinfectants. Big city [more…]

Ankara nigde highway construction continues despite street curfew
06 Ankara

Ankara Niğde Motorway Construction Continues Despite Curfew

The Ankara-Niğde highway did not pause construction despite pandemic measures and curfews. Workers are afraid of getting sick, but they are still working in spite of danger as they are more afraid of losing their jobs. Regarding the situation of a worker working on the highway, “If anyone wants to go, they can go. [more…]