Awareness message from traffic lights in fishing
10 Balikesir

Awareness Message from Traffic Lights in Balıkesir

In the “cautious normalization” process that we are living in, Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality uses the traffic lights in the traffic signalization system in order to create awareness for citizens; wrote mask, distance and measure. In the fight against coronavirus pandemic, at the stage reached in our country; [more…]

June World Environment Day celebrated turkiyede alternative fuels should be encouraged

Alternative Fuels should be encouraged in Turkey

The date of June 5, which was declared World Environment Day in memory of the first environmental conference held under the roof of the United Nations, is of greater importance this year with the coronavirus pandemic. kazanwas. Global Climate Change, air pollution, dessert [more…]

most economical and most competitive option lpg in cars
34 Istanbul

The Most Economical and Greenest Option in Cars LPG

The normalization process, which is planned to be started in the world and in our country after the coronavirus pandemic, introduces new habits to the societies. kazanyelling. While social distance and hygiene rules remain important in the normalization process, with the end of the quarantine, public transportation vehicles [more…]