Stratification studies at the Kapikoy railway nerve gate
65 Van

Strelization Studies at Kapıköy Railway Border Gate

Freight trains, which are subjected to sterilization process at the Kapıköy border gate, are transferred after waiting for 4 hours outside the station. As part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic worldwide, border entries and exits of all trains were closed as of 23 February 2020. From our border [more…]

New measures taken for coronavirus in the capital
06 Ankara

New Measures Taken for Coronary Virus in Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality was on the alert with all its units within the scope of combating coronavirus. New cautionary decisions were put into effect on the instructions of the Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş. The rental fee taken from the workplaces owned by the Metropolitan Municipality has been postponed for two months. Kindliness [more…]

imamoglu told about the measures against coronaviruse
34 Istanbul

Imamoglu Describes Measures Against Coronavirus

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu explained the measures they took against the Coronavirus that wreaked havoc in the world at the “Corona Hygiene Fleet's departure event:“ Cleaning and hygiene activities will be carried out with 100 people in the subways. In IETT buses, 420 personnel provide cleaning and hygiene. [more…]