islands district governorship also wanted electric vehicle
34 Istanbul

Adalar District Governorate Also Wanted Electric Vehicle

Adalar District Governorate, which postponed the commissioning of the electric vehicles introduced by IMM on the grounds that they will serve on the highways, decided to switch to an alternative non-motorized transportation vehicle in the district in February. IMM President in the Islands Ekrem İmamoğlu [more…]

horses and horses will be purchased
35 Izmir

KarşıyakaCarriage and Horses to be Purchased in

At the ordinary assembly meeting of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in July, KarşıyakaAn important proposal came to the fore regarding the carriages in . The phaetons and horses, which are banned from traffic with the UKOME decision dated May 30, are taken by the Metropolitan. [more…]

Phaeton Period Officially Closed in Izmir
35 Izmir

Phaeton Period Officially Ended in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has banned phaeton transportation throughout Izmir province. Izmir Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) General Assembly canceled the “Phaeton Working Principles and Procedures Directive önceki which was implemented in [more…]

35 Izmir

'Electric Carriages' Coming to Kordon

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is converting two of the Victoria Classic type carriages, which make trips in Kordon, to electric carriages. These silent vehicles, which will start serving as of June, will be able to carry 4 adults and 1 child, excluding the driver. [more…]

35 Izmir

'Hello Phaeton' Period in İzmir

'Hello Carriage' Period in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality brought a new breath to the pleasure of phaetons in Kordon, and created the “Phaeton Call Center”. Citizens can henceforth call (232) 433 51 55 for private events. [more…]


Reflector and Signaling

Reflectors and Signaling for the phaetons: The phaeton drivers, who are allowed to work in the Pirbaba pine forest area by the Municipality of Çorum, add a different color to the city at night. While the phaetons, which are indispensable at night in Çorum, are used for “romantic trips”, Çorum [more…]

35 Izmir

Eshot 70 Age

Eshot 70 Age: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality ESHOT General Directorate, 70. celebrates its age with various activities. In this context, the latest model of the horse-drawn tram prepared in ESHOT workshops was exhibited at the at bus models açılan exhibition at the Historical Gas Factory. [more…]