Intercity Railways

Kastamonu wants the railway

Kastamonu Wants Railway: Kastamonu within the scope of his contacts visited the Mayor Arslan, Mayor Tahsin Babaş met with. Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan, Kastamonu Mayor Tahsin Babaş [more…]

37 Kastamonu

Kastamonu Cable Car Project signed

Kastamonu Ropeway Project contract signed: North Anatolian Development Agency (KUZKA) Financial support of Kastamonu Municipality and Kastamonu Provincial Center Cable Car Project within the scope of 2015 Regional Infrastructure Development Program (BAP2) [more…]

Ankara Metropolitan Road-Asphalt, Pedestrian Crossing and School Playground Lines
Asphalt News

Hot Asphalt Pours On Concrete Asphalt

Hot Asphalt is Poured on Concrete Asphalt: Hot asphalt is poured by the municipal teams over the concrete asphalt poured in Kuzeykent neighborhood of Kastamonu in recent years. Kastamonu Municipality, in the neighborhood of Kuzeykent concrete asphalt poured in recent years [more…]


Kastamonu cable car project on the agenda again

Kastamonu ropeway project is still on the agenda: Kastamonu Municipality is planned to be made between the Castle and the Clock Tower, but after the permission of the High Council of Monuments was removed from the shelf, the Ropeway Project came to the agenda of the municipality. Kastamonu [more…]


Hijaz Railway Exhibition Opening

Hicaz Railway Exhibition, which was previously exhibited in Kastamonu Municipality with its documents, reopens upon the demand from the public. 14 at Mustafa Kaya Anatolian High School under the name of “Great Respect for Ecdadımız an which is planned to be opened in Kastamonu in April. [more…]