Intercity Railways

Canikli Chairman Samsun-Iraq railway proposal

Samsun-Iraq railway proposal from Canikli President: Samsun's Canik Mayor Osman Genç said, “Samsun-Iraq railway must be completed”. Meeting with the shopkeepers of the Derebehçe Minibus Line, Canik Mayor Osman Genç will make Samsun a trade center. [more…]


Samsun should be a logistics center

Samsun Logistics Center Should Be: The Economy Development Workshop organized by the Municipality of Canik was marked by the Osman 14 Gold Proposal Başkan made by President Osman Genç to make Samsun a strategic base. President Young, Samsun-Samsun for the economic development of Batumi [more…]


Highways Repair Youth Street

Highways Are Repairing Youth Street: The 7th Regional Directorate of Highways, which has built a multi-storey road in Municipal Houses, is repairing 19 Mayıs Genclik Caddesi, which is under its own responsibility and which was damaged due to the traffic given during the construction of the viaduct. zoning plans [more…]


For Tekkeköy logistics center

Perfect for Tekkeköy logistics center: Canik Mayor Osman Genç stated that the industrial zone Tekkeköy, which takes the airport and the port under its wings, is the perfect fit for the logistics center. [more…]