remarkable survey about channel istanbul
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Remarkable Survey About Kanal Istanbul

According to the survey by Sonar Research Company, 53.7 percent of citizens opposed the construction of the controversial project Kanal Istanbul project. It is stated that the rate of those who approve the project remains at 35.9 percent, while 5 percent of the citizens are very good at the project. [more…]

channel istanbul website opened
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Kanal Istanbul Website Opened

The Presidency of Communication launched its website, "", which contains the details of the Kanal Istanbul project and answers to all questions. Announcing that the website named "" prepared by the Communication Directorate has been opened on Twitter [more…]

Interesting suggestion for historical monuments in Istanbul
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Kanal İstanbul Approved for EIA Report

Minister of Environment and Urban Planning Murat Kurum stated that they have evaluated the objections during the EIA process of Kanal Istanbul Project and approved the EIA report as of today. The Authority has asked questions about the Canal Istanbul Project and the agenda in the Ministry building. [more…]

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TÜBİTAK Channel Istanbul Report

CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in his speech organized by the Istanbul Channel, Istanbul TUBITAK'ın Channel Istanbul, referring to the report found. 'Whether you want to or not will be held in Istanbul Channel' President [more…]

channel istanbul increases the threat of thirst
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Channel Istanbul Increases the Threat of Thirst

At the “Climate Change and Water Symposium ği organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, possible impacts of Kanal Istanbul on water resources were discussed. Participants presented a great deal for the Kanal Istanbul Project for Istanbul, which is threatened by climate change and thirst. [more…]