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Significant progress in Manisan's ropeway project

Important development in Manisa's cable car project: The cable car line, which will start from Uncubozköy in Manisa and end at the summit of Spil, is waiting for reconstruction. 40, whose tender has been completed in Manisa, but whose route has been changed due to the wind hazard recently. [more…]

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Manisa Expands Four Ropes of Spil Mountain Cable Car Project

Manisa is looking forward to the Spil Mountain Cable Car Project with four eyes: The delivery of the space to the company that received the tender for the cable car in Manisa has created excitement in the city. Şehzadeler Mayor Ömer Faruk Çelik said, “The cable car is an important contribution to the tourism of Manisa. [more…]

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Ankara Cable Car Tender Canceled

The tender for the cable car project that the Metropolitan Municipality wanted to implement in the Capital was cancelled. Noting that they went to the way of cancellation due to the mistakes in the tender system, Gökçek said, “The project, which will reach 20 million euros, will cost 38 and 42 million euros. [more…]

Balcova Cable Car
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Balcova Cable Car Facilities Silicon

Balçova Cable Car Facilities From The Beginning: In the Balçova Cable Car Facilities, which was closed in 2007 on the grounds of lack of life safety, not even a nail has been hammered for 5 years due to objections and cancellation of tenders. Final tender for facilities [more…]

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İzmir's cable car tender turned into 'tangle'

Ankara 14. The Administrative Court stopped the JCC's decision to cancel the tender at 2012 in February. The Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in preparation of the tender did not receive the financial proposals of the participants ih The tenders that would allow the reconstruction of the cable car facilities with modern technology were mixed again. Today [more…]