52 Army

3 27 474 Passenger Carried On Day

Ropeway 3 27 Thousand 474 Passengers Carried a Day: 530 thousand 27 citizens used the cable car line in Boztepe at the height of 474 meters during the Ramadan Feast in Ordu. Within the province due to Ramadan Feast [more…]

Mobile Toilet Installation
16 Bursa

Portable Toilet 3 Lira

The portable toilet, which was established in Uludağ, one of the most important winter tourism centers of Turkey, in the second region, surprised with its usage price. Right next to the newly built cable car station, the mobile toilet in the pickup truck serves for 3 liras. [more…]

52 Army

Cable Car Passengers Insured

Ropeway Passengers Insured: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality insured the passengers against the risk of death or disability due to an accident on the ropeway. 2 cabin with Altinordu-Boztepe line with a total length of 450 thousand 28 meters [more…]



Ropeway Passengers in the Army Insured: Ordu Metropolitan Municipality insured the passengers against the risk of death or disability due to accidents that may occur on the ropeway. With a total length of 2 thousand 450 meters, 28 between Altınordu and Boztepe [more…]

16 Bursa

Cable car service to Uludag hotels began

Cable car services started to Uludağ hotels region: The longest ropeway in the world in Bursa, flights to the hotels area started. Passenger transport will begin on December 29, before the New Year. The test drive will take a week and it's Christmas. [more…]

16 Bursa

Kültürparka cable car station being installed

Kulturparka cable car station is being established: Altepe, who also gave information about the part of the new cable car line that extends to the Uludağ hotels region, said, “The cable car will be raised until the New Year. Urban cable car works continue.” said. TO KÜLTÜRPARK [more…]

Uludag Cable Car

Bursa Uludag New Cable Car Station

A total of 39 masts, which will carry the gondolas of the new cable car, which is under construction, will be erected by helicopter in order not to destroy the nature. The new cable car, which started to be built in order to provide more modern and faster transportation to Uludağ [more…]

Zingal Sinop Cable Car
57 Sinop

Sinop Cable Car Station Becomes History

The 1930-kilometer cable car station belonging to the sawmill, which was established by the Belgians in 40 in the Ayancık district of Sinop, has become history. Used to transport logs from the forests of Çangal to the factory operated by the Belgians for 12 years. [more…]