will be the train station in the gursu district of bursa
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Will there be a train station in Gürsu district of Bursa?

Will There Be a Train Station in Bursa's Gürsu District?; While the groundbreaking ceremony was held in 2012, 2 train stations were foreseen for Bursa, one in Balat and the other in Gürsu. In order not to damage the agricultural areas, the Gürsu project was shifted to the empty land near Kazıklı on the Ring Road "for future construction". Last [more…]

bursa will be the fastest train station
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Bursa's 4 High Speed ​​Train Station

Bursa Will Have 4 High Speed ​​​​Train Stations; Bursa's name is fast, slow process train project, according to the announced construction tender, will have 2 stations, not 4 stations. Yüksel high-speed train project… Its construction did not go as planned. 3 years ago… [more…]

Can the train to Bursa start in 2016
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Can Bursa high-speed trains start in 2016?

Can Bursa high speed train services start in 2016? 2015-2016 has been announced as the target of the high speed train where the foundation of Bursa Station was laid and tunnel constructions are continuing. However, after the construction of Bursa-Yenişehir signaling tender. Yenisehir-Bilecik [more…]

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Bursa High Speed ​​Train Brought Together

Bursa High-Speed ​​Train Brings Ak Partilileride High-speed train station, the foundation of which was laid in Balat, brought together not only Bursa and Ankara, but also the AK Party members who had flung in recent years in the same pot. Old with new managers [more…]

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Bursa Fast Train Station

For Bursa High Speed ​​Train Station, 3 stations will be built in three different classes in Bursa. The first station is called Bursa Station in the large type category. The structure planned as Yenişehir Station in the project is in the middle type category. [more…]

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Bursa Fast Train

Bursa is experiencing a historic start with high-speed train While the groundbreaking ceremony of the project, which will bring Bursa to a high-speed train, was held yesterday, the historical day will be commemorated in many aspects. Bursa-Ankara High Speed ​​Train Foundation [more…]