savings of 176 billion pounds by bolunmus

Saving 17,6 Billion Lira in Split Ways

Transport and Infrastructure Minister M. Cahit Turhan stated that an annual economic benefit of 26 billion 472 million liras is provided by the divided roads reaching 17 thousand 650 kilometers in Turkey. Turhan, in his statement, in Turkey [more…]

34 Istanbul

Minister Arslan: "We Made Railways into State Policy"

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, came together with the youth at the event called “Turkey in Transport, Access” organized by the ITU Akil Youth Club at the Süleyman Demirel Cultural Center in the Ayazağa Campus of the university. Arslan, transport [more…]


Konya is Shorter to Mediterranean Coast

Konya connects to the Mediterranean coast by shorter route: After the completion of the Konya-Beyşehir divided highway and the completion of the New Konya Beyşehir-Antalya Highway known as the Gembos road, the descent from Konya to the Mediterranean coast will be provided at a shorter distance. [more…]


Citizens informed for Elbistan-Darica road

Citizens were informed about the Elbistan-Darıca road: A meeting was held to inform the public within the framework of the works carried out for the construction of the approximately 45 kilometer road extending to Darıca Neighborhood as a divided road. Elbistan and Malatya [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Afyon receives lion's share in transportation

Afyon has received a lion's share in transportation investment: Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu, who made evaluations about investments in Afyonkarahisar, has been granted by Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications in the last 12 2 billion 450 [more…]


Speed ​​Limit Increase on Split Roads

Increasing the Speed ​​Limit on Divided Roads: Eskisehir Provincial Police Department has decided to increase speed on divided roads with high carrying capacity under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Highways and on divided roads under the responsibility of the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]


Alanya-Antalya Highway on the road

Alanya-Antalya Highway is on the way: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Lütfi Elvan stated that 12 quadrillion and 3 million investments have been made in the field of transportation in Antalya in the last 100 years, and added that the highway, especially the high-speed train, is going to Antalya. [more…]


2015 will open the 128 km tunnel

We will open a 2015-kilometer tunnel in 128: Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Elvan said, “We will open a 2015-kilometer tunnel in 128”. Lütfi Elvan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, 'We 2014 and 2015 [more…]

07 Antalya

High speed train will reach from Antalya to Konya, to Kayseri

The high-speed train will extend from Antalya to Konya and Kayseri: Maritime and Communications Minister Lütfi Elvan said, “We are not satisfied with the Konya-Karaman-Ereğli-Ulukışla-Mersin-Adana line. From Samsun to Çorum, Kırıkkale, Kırşehir, Aksaray, Ulukışla, and then Adana, Mersin, that is, we reach the Mediterranean. [more…]


divided highways in Turkey

divided highways in Turkey: Highways 480 kilometers of divided highway in Afyonkarahisar according to data from the General Directorate. According to data compiled by the General Directorate of Highways, Turkey 1 2014 furnace at the date 19 thousand divided highway [more…]

Kayseri million lira multi-level crossroad investment

Divided Road Length in Kayseri Has Reached 502 Kilometers

Kayseri Governor Orhan Duzgun announced that the length of the divided road in Kayseri has reached 502 kilometers with the works carried out this year. In his evaluation of the road construction works, Governor Duzgun stated that the 6th Regional Directorate of Highways has been working throughout the year. [more…]


2015 to invest in 15,5 billion pounds in XNUMX

An investment of 2015 billion liras will be made in transportation in 15,5: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Elvan stated that an investment of 2015 billion liras will be made in 15,5 within the body of the Ministry, adding that the total amount of expenditures is 40,2 billion liras. [more…]


Motorway Route to be Extended as Habura

Highway Route will be extended to Habura: Elvan stated that the provinces in the region had been waiting for years in the previous governments period and that the needed investments were made in the provinces during the AK Party period. [more…]

41 Switzerland

World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum: President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, in his speech at the opening meeting of the World Economic Forum, stated that he wanted to share some of his thoughts on energy, entrepreneurship and infrastructure investments. Turkey's proven natural gas and [more…]


Death Ramp to Scalpel

Scalpel to Death Ramp: As part of the divided roads project, there is no escape ramp in the accidents occurring in the 10 kilometer section of the 7 kilometer of the XNUMX kilometer, which has been [more…]


Dereyolu Heavy Attachment

Dereyolu Ağır Aksak: The construction of the road called 'Dereyolu' among the people, which was first brought to the agenda during the Ottoman Empire in 1880, but could not be realized due to wars and lack of money. [more…]