07 Antalya

Adrenaline at the peak of the throne

Adrenaline at the summit of Tahtalı: Escape Paragliding jumps, performed from the summit of Tahtalı Cable Car at an altitude of 2365 meters, started again with the improvement of weather conditions. Paragliding enthusiasts who want to jump to freedom at the summit, climb the cable car from the summit. [more…]

07 Antalya

Time to discover Tahtali

Time to explore Tahtali: Antalya 57 kilometers away from the city center Tahtali Teleferik, nature sports enthusiasts has launched a special application. Lecturer at Akdeniz University School of Physical Education and Sports [more…]

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07 Antalya

Unique Nature Pleasure with Tahtalı Cable Car

The world's second longest, Europe's longest Cable Car unites the Mediterranean Sea and the summit of Tahtalı Mountain, which is 2'365 meters high. This majestic mountain, whose summit is covered with snow, is rapidly growing and a favorite of tourism, Kemer, [more…]