fight against icicles in ankara
06 Ankara

Fighting Ice Stalactites in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, especially under the bridges and tunnels formed by the melting of snow water is cleaning the icicles. Metropolitan Municipality City Aesthetics Department Cleaning Department Branch teams, drivers throughout the capital [more…]

easy access to cemeteries with ego buses
06 Ankara

Easy Access to Cemeteries via EGO Buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which takes all the necessary measures all over the city so that the capitals can spend the Ramadan Feast in safety and peace, continues to work non-stop with many units such as EGO, ASKİ, Mavi Masa [more…]

06 Ankara

Mandarin grenades at Sentepe Telefeği

Mandarin bomb at Şentepe Ropeway: Bilir Apartment residents, who are located under the cable car line in Şentepe, stated that bottles and some objects were thrown down from the cabins and that the ventilation windows of the building were filled with tangerines. [more…]