air quality improved in Istanbul in April
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Air Quality Improved 28,6 Percent in Istanbul in April

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Statistics Office published the April 2020 Istanbul Environment Bulletin. The bulletin included statistics on Istanbul's air quality, water, environmental management, cleanliness, electricity generation from landfill gas and natural gas statistics. In Istanbul, [more…]

Istanbul islands got rid of phaeton waste
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Istanbul Adalar Was Released from Carriage Waste

In Buyukada, which has been struggling with horse diseases in recent weeks, waste generated by phaetons and left by guests has been cleared by IMM teams. A total of 25 tons of garbage collected was loaded onto the ship and moved to the waste transfer center in Istanbul. [more…]

islands transportation ended
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Islands Transport Workshop Ended

Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Ekrem İmamoğlu"Adalar Transportation Workshop", where the transportation problems of the Islands were discussed, was held in Büyükada by the order of . In the workshop where every opinion was heard, determinations and suggestions were determined and the first steps towards a solution were taken. [more…]

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Cable car to Buyukada and Kinaliada

Ropeway to Büyükada and Kınalıada: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and the Ministry of Transportation are among the 507,5 kilometers of surveying projects in Adalar. 0,5 cableway line starting from the vicinity of Kinaliada pier to the Monastery Hill [more…]

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It's time for Havaray

It's time for Havaray: The cable car lines throughout Istanbul will exceed 30 kilometers. 10 more lines will be added to the cable car lines currently serving between Maçka-Taşkışla and Eyüp-Pierre Loti. The longest of these [more…]

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BUDO starts tours to Buyukada

BUDO starts tours to Büyükada: Hamdi Karahasan ship, purchased from Istanbul by Bursa Sea Bus Administration (BUDO), will start Mudanya - Istanbul Büyükada tours as of June 1st. Sea transportation between Istanbul and Bursa [more…]

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The Project of the Century

Project of the Century has come to an end in Marmaray: 2. The countdown has begun for the Marmaray Project, which was designed under the name of “Tünel-i Bahri Project” during the reign of Abdülhamit Han. Tunel-i Bahri (Tube Gate) Project in 1902 during the reign of Abdulhamid II [more…]

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Project of the Century

Project of the Century Light Appeared on Marmaray Marmaray, which is shown as the project of the century, is approaching the end. The project, whose rough construction is finished, will be put into service on October 29. Marmaray officials stated that the project, whose outlines have been completed, is the deepest submersion in the world. [more…]