The first pickaxe is hit for the ankara bicycle road project
06 Ankara

First Pickaxe Shot for Ankara Bicycle Road Project

The first pickaxe is hit for the Bicycle Road Project, which Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş promised to the Capitals. Stating that transportation policies are now shaping the cities, Mayor Yavaş said, “We attach great importance to bicycle transportation. 1 of the project [more…]

new regulation for bicycle paths
06 Ankara

New Regulation for Bicycle Paths

The procedures and principles regarding the planning, design and construction of bicycle paths and bicycle parking stations have been re-determined in order to ensure that bicycles can be used for purposes such as transportation, sightseeing and sports, which are valid in all provinces of Turkey. [more…]

work continues for unimpeded mugla
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Work Continues for Muğla Without Barriers

In Muğla, the police teams informed the drivers by leaving the 'Don't Put You in an Obstacle' brochure on the vehicles left on the pedestrian, bicycle, disabled roads and bus stops. Muğla Metropolitan Municipality municipal police teams, especially pedestrian bus stops [more…]

Cark Creek meets by bike and dormitory
54 Sakarya

Çark Creek Edge Bike and Walk

The first phase of the cycling route project, which is implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and covers the Sunflower Bicycle Valley and Mithatpaşa Wagon Park, is continuing. Karamehmetoğlu said, ile With this project, Çark Creek [more…]


Work Continues in Barguzu Street

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is continuing the change-transformation and renovation works at 3.6 kilometer-long Barguzu Street located within the borders of Yeşilyurt district. 2 kilometer section on Barguzu Street [more…]


International Smart Cities Conference in Konya

Konya was told at the International Smart Cities Conference: At the International Smart Cities Conference organized by the Public Technology Platform, Konya Metropolitan Municipality's case studies under the title of Smart Transportation and mobile applications were explained. Public Technology Platform [more…]

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality
35 Izmir

Pedal Revolution in İzmir

Pedal revolution in İzmir: İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which is preparing to increase the 39 kilometer bike path in the city to 2017 kilometer at the end of 90; Sahilevleri, Cistern, Harmandalı-Ulukent and 2. He established new bicycle paths in Kordon. Cycling in Turkey [more…]

34 Istanbul

Sirkeci Station to be converted into a museum

Sirkeci Station will be turned into a museum: another big project for Istanbul Mustafa Fatih Mayor Mustafa Demir informed that a big city square will be built between Sirkeci and Cankurtaran. Demir said, trafik The traffic between Sirkeci and Cankurtaran [more…]