34 Istanbul

ETicaret2015 Conference Held

ETicaret2015 Conference Held: The ETicaret2015 Conference held the pulse of the e-commerce sector with over 500 participants and distinguished panelists. ETicaret2015, the third of the annual trade conferences held by Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Fortune Cookie 1. 5 00 Arrived

Fortune Cookie 1. 5 00 Reaches the Student: “Life is too valuable to be left to the flow. If you don't rule it, it will rule you, know your strengths and weaknesses, create your own future! Özet Summary of Fortune Cookies Training. [more…]


Hasanbey was the Pilot of Logistics Centers Research

Logistics Centers of Research Pilot Had Hasanbey: by UTIKAD to be submitted to the Ministry of Transport Beykoz Logistics Vocational School, prepared in collaboration with research at the stage of completion for logistics centers in Turkey. Research Group Cooperation with Eskişehir Governorship [more…]


E-My Job is in Progress

I Have an E-Profession Project Continues at Full Speed: EU Project “I Have an E-Profession sür is in full swing. Within the scope of the project, a meeting was held with the logistics teachers of high schools in Istanbul and the opinions of the teachers on e-learning materials [more…]


The profession of the future is logistics

Is the profession of the future logistics: The global logistics industry worldwide is estimated to have a volume of 6-7 trillion dollars. The Turkish transport and logistics sector, which has a volume of approximately 5 billion dollars, is estimated. [more…]