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Ropeway debate continues in Besikduzu

Republican People's Party CHP Besikduzu Mayor Kadem Karadeniz, Besikduzu Mayor Orhan Bıçakçıoğlu'nun "Complex lie," responded to the statements. CHP Besikduzu District President Kadem Karadeniz recently brought up the agenda and [more…]

besikduzu cable car
61 Trabzon

Beşikdüzü Cable Car Rising Rapidly

While none of the 5 ropeway projects that Trabzon has been discussing for years have yet to start, Beşikdüzü Cable Car continues rapidly. The cable car project, which has been on the agenda of the people of the district since 1993, is being implemented in the Beşikdüzü district of Trabzon. Besikduzu Municipality [more…]

61 Trabzon

The ski lifts started again

Ropeway operations in Besikduzu resumed: After the flood disaster in Besikduzu district of Trabzon, ropeway operations gained momentum again. 21 In Besikduzu, which had a major flood in September, life quickly returned to normal. [more…]