balikesir gar road was buried in green
10 Balikesir

Balıkesir Gar Road Were Green

Planting works are completed on the alternative railway road that will breathe transportation in the city center by the teams of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality. Gar road; plane tree, linden, tooth knot tree, cedar tree, [more…]

The view of Cunda Bridge is more beautiful now
10 Balikesir

Cunda Bridge View is Now Beautiful

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality is replacing the side concrete walls obstructing the view on the Cunda Bridge with wrought iron railings at the request of the citizens. Over the Cunda Bridge, which was opened to vehicle traffic in 2017 [more…]

safer roads are safer with plating studies
10 Balikesir

Ayvalık Roads are Safer with Plate Works

Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality carried out plating activities in Ayvalık to ensure traffic safety on the roads under its own responsibility. Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems [more…]

Kocaseyit Airport Bus
10 Balikesir

5 Bus for Kocaseyit Airport

The difficulties experienced by passengers going to Edremit Kocaseyit Airport in reaching the airport ends with the instruction of Balıkesir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yücel Yılmaz. BTT A.Ş. within 5 [more…]

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