Europe and else the summit with turkey daily flights

With Turkey Day Flight 1297 European Summit

While the negative effects of the Covid-19 epidemic caused recession in the aviation sector all over the world, Turkey was among the countries that managed this process most successfully thanks to the effective measures taken. Social distancing of physical conditions [more…]

Pandemic Deduction from THY Employees

Pandemic Deduction from THY Employees

A protocol was signed regarding the pandemic cut from the employees of Turkish Airlines A.O. In the statement made to the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP), it was said: "Due to Covid-19, which negatively affects the aviation industry, our partnership has been supported by public institutions and organizations. [more…]

road maps for Eskisehir
26 Eskisehir

Road Maps for Eskişehir Industry

At the Joint Occupational Committee meeting held within the scope of the social activities of Eskişehir Chamber of Industry, information was given about the activities of the Chamber and the expectations of ESO Members were examined. Prepared by ESO at the meeting, 5 [more…]

iga private passenger program was put into service
34 Istanbul

IGA Launches Special Passenger Program

Istanbul Airport which will carry Turkey to the summit of the aviation industry, passenger experience also continues to work at full speed to remove a top spot. IGA has launched the 'IGA PASS' membership program, enabling passengers to [more…]

btsodan 2 new ur ge project
16 Bursa

2 New UR-GE Project from BTSO

B in Turkey and exchanges between most of UR-D project conducted by the BCCI institutions, 2 scored another signature to the new RI & D Project. With the project prepared for the furniture and elevator sector, BTSO, UR-GE [more…]

dhmide public enterprises summit was held
06 Ankara

Public Enterprises Summit was held in DHMI

Inter-institutional cooperation development meeting attended by public enterprises managers was held at DHMI Congress Center. Many public enterprise managers attended the meeting. Electricity Generation Inc. (EÜAŞ) General Manager and Turkish Public Enterprises [more…]

34 Istanbul

Istanbul Airshow 2018 Begins

International Civil Aviation and Airports Exhibition and Aviation Industry Supply Chain Platform (İSTANBUL AIRSHOW 2018) started. ISTANBUL AIRSHOW 150, where more than 4 companies will exhibit more than 40 aircraft for 2018 days, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Turkish Airlines will recruit personnel

Depending on the opening of the third airport, THY will recruit personnel to meet the need for new personnel. It was recently announced to the public that Turkish Airlines will expand its personnel team due to the opening of the third airport on October 29. [more…]

07 Antalya

Eurasia Airshow Begins

Antalya is again hosting a very important organization. Eurasia Airshow, which brings together the brands and executives of the aviation sector, has started. Menderes Türel, Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Airport to be Moved in 45 Hour

DHMI General Manager Funda Ocak stated that the target for the opening of Istanbul New Airport is 29 October 2018, “This airport will be opened on that date. All developments and studies do not have any bearing on this subject. [more…]

34 Istanbul


Funda Ocak, General Manager of the State Airports Authority (DHMI), stated that the target for the opening of Istanbul New Airport is 29 October 2018, and said, “This airport will be opened on that date. All developments and [more…]