43 Austria

Two trains collide head to head in Austria

Two trains collided head-on in Austria: 7 people were injured as a result of a head-on collision of two passenger trains in Austria. It is being investigated whether the cause of the accident is a signaling failure or a driver error. two in Austria [more…]

16 Bursa

Bursa rail market in the target market Austria

Bursa is the target market in the rail systems sector Austria: The first foreign marketing activity in the Rail Systems UR-GE Project carried out by BTSO with the support of the Ministry of Economy was carried out in Vienna, the capital of Austria. In Bursa Rail Systems Sector [more…]

43 Austria

Austrian Railways open a HOLOKOST exhibition

Austrian Railways opened the HOLOKOST exhibition: The exhibition Bask The Impressed Years' by Austrian Railways documents the deportation of Jews to the concentration camp and the 'Nazification' of train workers. The Austrian National Railway company is responsible for the Holocaust in the European Parliament. [more…]

10 Balikesir

The First Containers Without Strapping

The First Containers Depart from Bandırma within the Scope of the Ball Project: After the Great Anatolian Logistics Organization (BALO) came into operation, activity began in Bandırma Port. Within the framework of the BALO Project, it was brought to Bandırma by train from different provinces of Anatolia and [more…]

Intercity Railways

BALO trains arrive in September

BALO trains take off in September As part of the 'Great Anatolian Logistics Organizations' established under the leadership of TOBB, our export products will be transported to Europe at a 20 percent lower cost compared to truck freight. The first train departs from Manisa on September 6 [more…]