History of trams in Konya
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History of Trams in Konya

This news, Konya, the period of public transport by tram "1992 year" will break the memorization of those who say at the beginning of the years of Istanbul and Izmir 1900'li as well as the Greek army in the Balkan War in 1912 until seized [more…]

journey in history in istanbul moda tram
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Journey in History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'

Journey in History in Istanbul 'Fashion Tram'. Istanbul is a city where the means of transportation have been transformed from day to day with its settlement area which has expanded throughout its history. From throne-to-revans to strings, from horse-drawn trams to trolleybuses, today's cars, subways, buses, minibuses [more…]

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Istanbul Tramway 145. Celebrates Age

Istanbul Tram 145. Celebrating its age: Rahmi M. Koç Museum, which brings together the developments in the history of transportation, industry and communication with its large collection, is the opening of 145. invites everyone to see the tramway in. 145 [more…]

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My dear tram

My beloved tram: It was planned at 1869, it started to operate at 1871, it was switched from horsemen to electricity at 1914, but it always continued to carry Istanbulites. As a result of the privilege granted to Konstantin Karapano Efendi, from Istanbul to Galata to Ortaköy, from Eminönü [more…]

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The electric tram in Istanbul

The advent of electric trams in Istanbul: Electric trams first started operating in 1913 in Istanbul. In 1961 it was removed on the grounds that it was inefficient. Before the electric trams, the 42 rode around yıl [more…]

49 Germany

Berlinin Tram Line 150 Age

Berlin's tram line 150 is at its age: 150 was offered to the citizens of Berlin with horses. Berlin tram system is the fourth largest tram in the world after 150 year passes over the equestrian tram system [more…]

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144 annual story of public transportation in Istanbul

144 annual story of public transportation in Istanbul was published with the name Transportation in Istanbul with Photos: 1871 annual story of public transportation which started in Istanbul in 144 by horse-riding tram was published as Ulaşım Transportation in Istanbul with Photos ”. Celebrating 144 [more…]

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Izmir left the tram 50 years ago

Izmir tram abandoned 50 years ago: One of the unforgettable memories of our childhood days was to take the tram to Konak, Karantina and Göztepe. This tram obsessions KarşıyakaIt would be more fun. Four in two arms [more…]